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Please complete the form in full. If a question is not applicable or the answer is not known, please insert an N/A or N/K.

We will be holding the information provided in this form for the following matters only;

To Book the survey inspection, Produce the report, Refer to for payment matters and for post report queries.

No details will be shared or sold for marketing or other purposes without prior written consent.


Please let us know if you have any questions.

[This would be on your quotation email]

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Property to be inspected?

Type of property?

Number of bedrooms?

Sale price for the property?

Details for Access
(This may be the vendor, an agent, or yourself)


Is the property currently empty?

Is the property of non-traditional
[i.e., Not built of brick or Stone with a tile or slate roof]

Are there any significant extensions or alterations?

What is the rough age of the property?

Is there a garage, annex or permanent outbuilding present?
[Small timber sheds should not be

Is there anything specific you wish to ask the Surveyor or want the Surveyor to look at? [We will advise you if this is something not covered on the chosen survey]


What is the purpose of valuation?
(e.g. Help to Buy Loan repayment,
Shared Ownership staircasing,
Inheritance Tax, Capital Gains Tax etc?)

Is the property tenure Freehold or

If Leasehold, how many years are

What are the annual ground rent and service charges? (If known)

When did you purchase the property?

What was the purchase price?

Was this price for 100% of the property? If not, state the percentage bought.

Is the property being sold? If so, please provide details on agreed sale price

What is your opinion of the current estimated value? And what would this be based on?

If having an Inheritance Tax/Probate Valuation please answer the following questions:

What is the name of the deceased?

What is the date of death?

(The property will be valued at this

Do you require a valuation as at the date of inspection also?
(Please note: This will incur an additional charge)

Are you the executor?

Are there any planning permissions past or present affecting the property?

If Yes, please provide details, and
planning reference numbers from the local authority if possible.

If the valuation is for any other tax purpose, or you require a retrospective valuation, please answer the following question:

What is the date that you would like

the property to be valued on?

If the valuation involves a Housing Association or equity loan, please provide the following:

What is the name of the Housing
Association or equity loan provider?

What is the percentage of shares you
currently hold?

Any other comments?

Thanks for submitting!

We'll get to work on booking the inspection.

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