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Building Survey in St Albans, Luton, Harrow, Stevenage, Hitchin and Watford
RICS Regulated

RICS Level 3 Survey Report

[Also known as the Building Survey]

ServicesRICS Level 3 Survey Report

RICS Level 3 Survey Report

Also known as the Building Survey, a Level 3 Report is the most comprehensive option provided by us. Suitable for all properties, but particularly useful for properties greater than 60 years or so, in need of renovation, extended extensively, or of non traditional construction.

Prices start at £550 (inclusive of VAT).

Building Survey in St Albans, Luton, Harrow, Stevenage, Hitchin and Watford

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Survey First Plus

Our Process

Our motto is to keep things simple. This does not however mean to keep things basic, it's quite the opposite with a Level 3 Survey Report. We aim to provide you with an in-depth report with quality images, following a detailed inspection, thus allowing you to make an informed decision on your purchase.


The survey process can be split into 4 stages

Step 1 - Before The Inspection

We provide you with an opportunity to let us know if you have any questions or concerns about the property you are purchasing. This can be in the initial booking form, or at any stage leading up to the inspection. A pre survey discussion is arranged for all Home Surveys, usually the day before the inspection. This gives us an opportunity to run through any concerns or questions already raised, have a discussion on the common repairs associated with the property type, and to get an idea of any future plans you have for the property. This allows us to tailor the inspection and report around you and your plans. We’ll then go ahead and make all the necessary arrangements with the agents or the vendors for access, letting you know once a date has been arranged.

Step 2 - The Inspection

A detailed inspection by an experienced RICS professional of the inside and outside of the main building is undertaken, including all permanent outbuildings, recording the construction and significant visible defects that are evident. A greater time is allocated to a Level 3 inspection, around 2-3 hours, possibly more. This allows us to check a greater number of fittings, such as windows and doors, lift floor coverings (only if they are loose or unfitted), open panels (if it's openable) and take measurements.

The inspection is intended to cover as much of the property as is physically accessible. Equipment such as a damp meter, torch, binoculars and a ladder is utilised on the inspection. In some instances, we can utilise the use of a drone to assess the condition of high level flat roofs, chimney flaunching or sections that are not visible from ground level (see Survey First Plus+). Where we are unable to access an area, we’ll let you know in the ‘Limitations on the Inspection’ section of the report.

Once we’ve done the inspection, we have another discussion. The aim here is to give you a summary of the key findings and have a run through potential remedial measures.

Step 3 - The Report

A detailed report is produced using the RICS Level 3 Report format. A blank copy can be found here if you wanted to have a look. The report is loosely structured in the following order:



Giving you an overall opinion of the property, highlighting any significant defects, and lists out further investigations that are necessary.

About The Property

Basic information on the property, including comments around energy efficiency, location and environmental factors.

Component Assessment

Details of external and internal building components, including, any defects, detailed advice on repairs/improvements, and future impact of repairs and materials. Cost guidance can be provided for the repairs (see Survey First Plus+). This aids in potential renegotiations.

Each component is rated using a traffic light system:

  • Green (1) - No major repairs needed

  • Amber (2) - Repair(s) needed although not urgent

  • Red (3) - Urgent repair needed


There is also an NI for the sections that have either not been inspected or not applicable.


Comments on the presence, and condition of, outbuildings, garages and gardens (including boundary fencing).


This is a section summarising the key items your Legal Adviser should take forward with their counterpart.

Summary of Risks

As stated, this section summaries the key risk to people, property and grounds.

Energy Matters

Provides commentary on the matters related to the insulation, heating, lighting and ventilation.

Step 4 - The Aftermath

We understand that you may have questions once you have read the report. We therefore simply leave our communication channels open for any questions you may have. We would encourage you to ask questions, even if it's simply to clarify an item. We sometimes get in touch after a few weeks just to see how the sale is progressing and whether there were any follow on questions.

Need That Little Extra?

Why not check out the Survey First Plus+ options available with a Level 3 Survey Report.

Fast Track [+£100]

Add a Valuation [from +£90]

Insurance Reinstatement Cost Figure [+£40]

Cost Guidance [+£115]

Drone Survey [+£150]

Maintenance Programme [+£175] (*service currently on hold*)

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